Fun Colors

by Little Tents

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released May 30, 2015

Recorded and produced by Patrick Hills at Earthtone Studio.



all rights reserved


Little Tents Sacramento, California

Jordan Trucano- bass
Adam Jennings- drums
Lys Mayo- guitar
Audrey Motzer- guitar

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Track Name: 23N60
Pressure release through the drainage leaks
It's calmly cracking and it flows right out
The outcome is out of my hands
Enduring the blandest
Track Name: Shrimp Pants
Inhale as the sky rains death
Through a haze, planes crack twilight
Smoke-filled teeth chatter with the chill of another night alive

The air will choke you the water will kill you

Tiny minds on giant legs stagger in
She folds her cards in the second shot of gin
The streets clear and orange lights fill the void
I once had dreams, but the years took my voice

Throw a ball to guide their eyes from the death that rains down between every sunrise
Flip a switch to dram them in
This ain't a world, it's the result of futile sins

Demons buried beneath hand-sewn clothes
I'm not alright, I'm just a better liar than most
Please take my hand, please make it go away. Are you okay?
Track Name: Khakis on the Beach
Shut the world down
It's alright it's all fine it's
Everything is everywhere all the time
So slow it down try to grasp
Exhausted atlas gas
Simply for something to hold

The sun is shining but I can't see it
Trapped in the dark corner again
I can feel the heat radiating
But I can't see the light

Dawn gives birth to a bleeding child
The hope for a new day leaves us alone with a pile of tiny bones

Can't evade the day so wait it out
You'll put up and I'll let you down
Can't take it all in so please spit me out

Spell it out it could take so much more pressure
Let's pile up everything all at once until it breaks
Track Name: Try3
I tried my best to think of you
Further from the point I found myself
Tired tired tired

That night wrapped up in my owns thoughts
suffocated in a blanket of the dark
Tired tired tired

If I could be born again
I'd say fuck reincarnation
Never again to soak up you

To appear on this earth again
In the boughs of your tree
I'd root forever to always breathe in you

Though this path to you is overgrown
Sown with tries denial and fear
Ill try try try

Don't you give up/let up on me tonight.

Sifting through emotions
Left empty this canyon of desire
I try, tryyyyyyyyy-ied

Breach this carapace of anger
Dont let these petty thoughts linggggeeeeerrrr
I tried
Track Name: Mouthfuls
Set your sights to fade
When you're on your own there's nothing to defend
Overflowing choke it down just this one last time
And you know there'd be hope to mend with no end

Choke down mouthfuls with foresight just out of my mind
Retrace past tracks but roads seem to lead to the same place

Don't try to flush your eyes
Perpetuate the dissolving of your energy
It's so alright and so effortless
And by the time we realized it's only been dead ends with no end

We choose not to resist we're weakening the fist
We've only seen what can be seen reality dismissed
Got crumpled by the tide
You know the reason why
Disintegrating spilling over torn up at the seams
It's all inside my head but did I stumble when I said get me out of here
Track Name: Dragon Fear
We sit around and fight ours fears
Getting closer to the end
We pull upon the tension in our minds
And its not fine
Shattering our teeth
Afraid of never lasting

I can take so many things
But I cant bear the weight of my mind
Clutching tight to you

Drinking wont alleviate a thing
I'm drinking so I don't have to think

The river flows and flows and flows
Unaware of the rocks beneath
Drowning in a stream of anxiety
Crashing dragging fear that never will let up
Entirely suffocating me

As all things pass by tired eyes
Unfocused our passions drown
We reach too late that sun is gone
Surrounded by dark clouds now

Never to dissipate
Arriving far to late

Hold on to me my friend for the fear of losing you is losing myself in this darkening world
Track Name: Cabbage Head
Bones break hands shake
Choose to self-medicate
I'm not dumb I'm just disengaged

Cries for salvation
Please make it stop
Take about a Great Depression
Let's talk about decompression
Please make it stop

I fear the dangers of a quiet room
Idle hands dig early graves
My mind is disconnected
My brain is crumbling
It seems my eyes are open
But I can't make sense of anything
I shake in time
Complex patterns of a decaying mind
I apologize

I'm paralyzed